Humarian Health Podcast - For PetsWelcome back to part 2 of our talk with Humarian’s newest team member, veterinarian Dr. Julie Towle. In today’s discussion, Amy and Dr. Benzinger talk to Dr. Towle about probiotics and pets. Here are just a few of the topics discussed:

  • Why are there so many new pet products out now talking about prebiotics and probiotics?
  • Probiotics can have a huge impact on the immune system for dogs and cats.
  • Research for probiotics in animals is ramping up in veterinary medicine.
  • What percentages of our pets are dying to cancer?
  • People in the United States are conditioned to say, “give me a pill” to fix whatever health issue they’re having, and most typically do the same for their pets.
  • Besides pets on antibiotics, when would Dr. Towle recommend probiotics for dogs and cats?
  • How should a pet owner start a conversation about probiotics with their veterinarian?  What if their vet is skeptical?

If you missed our first podcast with Dr. Towle, it’s well worth a listen. Thanks for listening to the Humarian Health podcast where we’re spilling our guts for the wellbeing of yours! Check out the Humarian Health podcast on iTunes or Google Play.